What is Handicap in football betting? Types of Handicap

handicap in football betting
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If in a football match, one team clearly looks stronger than the other. Then, few people want to bet on the team that is clearly the weaker team. Handicap in football betting is also one of the things that players need to learn. It is also difficult to predict what the goal difference of this match will be. In such matches. Lodi646 has come up with interesting odds options for handicap betting.

Types of handicap in football betting

Types of handicap in football betting
Types of handicap in football betting

Handicap in football betting is a popular form of betting. Especially in balancing the chances between two competing teams. When a stronger team is predicted to win.

Handicap betting allows you to slightly balance the chances of the teams. By adding up the total number of goals scored by the weaker team. Or reducing the number of goals scored by the favorite team in the match. The handicap value can be whole or fractional, as well as positive or negative.

Negative Handicap

If a team’s handicap in soccer betting is indicated as. Minus in the bookmaker’s betting feed. It means that this team is considered the favorite in this game. And the bookmaker predicts that the team can score more goals than the opponent.

For example, if you risk betting on F1 -2.5. then you think that team 1 will win by more than 2 goals. That is, for your bet to be valid. The team you bet on must beat the opponent by at least 3 goals. If the goal difference is 2 or less. Even more so if the favorite team cannot win. Then such a bet will be unsuccessful.

If the handicap is not a fraction but an integer. Then, in most bookmakers, the match result with the proposed handicap. Will be calculated by the result returned with a coefficient of 1. For example, if the handicap is -1. Then, if the Favorite Team wins with a difference of 2 balls or more. Then the bet is considered successful. If the win is achieved with a minimal advantage. Then the bet amount will be returned to the player’s account.

Over handicap

Over handicap
Over handicap

To increase the bet on the underdog. Bookmakers make predictions about the probability of the underdog winning. Depending on the number of goals scored by this team, it will increase. Such a handicap is called a positive handicap. Sometimes it is indicated by a “+” sign, sometimes simply by the number and serial number of the team, for example 2 +0.5 or 2 1.5.

Such bets are calculated in the same way as negative bets, only in relation to the victory of the underdog.

No acceptance

Handicap in football betting if the handicap is 0. It can be considered as an option to place an insurance bet on the victory of one of the teams. When betting on the victory of one of the teams with a handicap of 0. If that team wins, you will receive the bet amount multiplied by the odds given. In case of a draw, the bet will be refunded. Such bets are used by experienced players. In matches of evenly matched teams. Of course, the odds for bets with a handicap of 0. are much lower than when only one team wins. But there is no risk of losing money in case of a draw.

Disadvantages of handicap

Disadvantages of handicap
Disadvantages of handicap

Asian handicap betting is considered less risky. The handicap value in it is a multiple of a quarter. For example, F1 -0.75 or F2 +0.25. Such bets are conditional on dividing the bet amount in half. And the winnings are calculated based on the result of the match. With the victory belonging to one of the teams with a smaller handicap. Or more than the specified score.

This means that the handicap in football betting has a handicap of -1.25. The winnings will be calculated as the total winnings for bets with handicaps of -1 and -1.5. Therefore, half of the total bet amount is placed on each of these results.


With the above sharing. Surely you have understood a part of what handicap in football betting is. As well as the types of quality points in football betting today. Hopefully with this article you have more information about the type of sports betting you want.


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